Tech Transfer

Through our basic research, we aim to understand brain function to ultimately take bold and original approaches to treat and cure brain disease. We aim to

  • build-up valuable intellectual property 
  • forge long-term strategic partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry
  • validate our discoveries and targets in a collaborative setting
  • explore the potential of biotech start-ups
  • explore different, less traditional models of knowledge transfer, through joint ventures, patient charity partnerships and other mixed funding models with overseas partners

We collaborate intensively with VIB’s Innovation and Business development team, whose goal it is to transfer knowledge and tools to industry or to incorporate these in newly created ‘spin-offs’. Our innovative ideas are supported by Proof of Concept and valorization grants from different sources and/or transferred to VIB discovery sciences, where industry-grade assays and experiments are developed, with the purpose to de-risk discoveries.

Some of our successes

Breeding ground

Our labs are a breeding ground for ideas and collaborations with pharma partners.

Chan-Zuckerberg initiative

The Chan-Zuckerberg initiative funds a consortium led by Patrik Verstreken to develop new models for Parkinsons.

Augustine Therapeutics

Our research led to the foundation of Augustine Therapeutics, a spin-off focusing on peripheral Neuropathies.

'Flying' technician

We have a 'flying' technician to help build a strong data package on our innovations, facilitating transfer to the private sector through licenses, joint ventures and new start-up companies.

Two new start-ups

The plans for two new start-ups are rapidly taking shape with independent major committed investments from venture capitalists and VIB.


In a collaboration led by the De Strooper Lab, we aim to identify nanobodies that can efficiently cross the blood-brain barrier

Aelin Therapeutics

Aelin Therapeutics is founded based on the groundbreaking work of Joost Schymkowitz and Frederic Rousseau

Our Innovation & Business Team