Tech Transfer

Our tech transfer efforts

Scientific excellence is the cornerstone of our daily activities. Combined with access to world-class expertise and breakthrough technologies, this excellence is essential to advance our insight in brain and nervous system function and disease. From a clinical perspective, on the other hand, it is our responsibility to translate these scientific findings and novel insights to benefits for patients, their care-takers and society as a whole.

VIB’s Business and Innovation (VIB2) team works closely together with our researchers to help identify, advance and valorise (early) research findings with translational potential. In addition, VIB2  fosters contacts and collaborations with industry and investors to broadly i) facilitate access to VIB’s key opinion leaders, research tools and facilities and to ii) leverage expertise and financial capabilities necessary for further development of VIB’s early assets.

CBD and VIB2 are open to explore different ways to collaborate with academic and industrial partners and investors.

I. Collaborative Research

In collaborative research activities, CBD can offer its world-class expertise in different fields of brain and nervous system development, function and disease in addition to its advanced technology platforms and direct access to service facilities within VIB.


II. Licensing Opportunities

VIB follows an active patenting strategy of technologies with potential commercial value.

CBD and VIB2 file new patent applications on a continuous basis as opportunities arise. While strategically certain patent rights are retained, e.g. to support the inception of novel spin-off companies, other patent rights are available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing.

Our tech transfer team

VIB2 members dedicated to our Center's research: