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october, 2019

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03oct4:00 pmCheng-Ying HoThe role of skin-derived BDNF in the development of cutaneous sensory system and treatment of diabetic neuropathy

08oct1:00 pmProgress seminarKaterina Konstantoulea

17oct4:00 pmCorinne HouartRNA regulation dynamics in developing and degenerating neurons

18oct5:00 pmHappy hourTime for a drink with your colleagues

22oct1:00 pmProgress seminarAlberto Carpinteiro Soares & Kobe Janssen




Our seminar series



Distinguished Lecture Series

We invite an international top-scientist to present their work at our research center. Previous speakers this year include Sarah Teichman (Sanger Institute, UK), Rosa Rademakers (Mayo Clinic, US), Ryan Watts (Denali Therapeutics, US), and many others.

Methusalem Lecture Series

Our Methusalem Lectures are directed towards a broad audience of graduate students, PhD students, postdoctoral researches and professors and feature international top researchers.

For 2019, we have Alison Goate, Rusty Gage and Carla Shatz lined up.

Progress Seminars

Every other week on Tuesday, two internal speakers present their research. This seminar is preceded by tasty pizza!


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