Mouse expertise unit: How we work

To initiate a project, contact Lutgarde Serneels explaining your request.

After reviewing the request to determine feasibility, we will provide a service agreement including our prices.

Once we receive the signed document, your project will be initiated.

  • Please be sure to include all requested information
  • We will review your request to determine if it is feasible
  • We work based on a “first-in, first-out” approach
  • We use fixed-price contracts
  • Our prices are based on real costs
  • We work based on best practice principle, our technicians are experts in their field
  • We don’t offer guarantees on germline transmission, live born pups, reviving success, ….
  • We do offer special prices for optimization experiments


Acknowledge the Mouse Expertise Unit

Please acknowledge the Mouse Expertise Unit in the acknowledgement section if you publish results using the mice that were generated with our help. It is important for our funding and success.

Suggested Text: “The genetically engineered mice were generated with the assistance of the CBD, KU Leuven Mouse Expertise Unit.”