Electrophysiology unit: mission

Mission & vision

The electrophysiology platform provides researchers within the department with state-of-the-art electrophysiology systems and expert knowledge to support ongoing research projects with refined research contributions.

Our goal is to create new insights from an electrophysiological perspective, accelerating the progress of the different research projects at our center.

What we do

The electrophysiology expertise core can help formulate, design and execute electrophysiological experiments to resolve the functional physiological aspects within your research projects.

In addition, for projects that require extensive (time-consuming) electrophysiological contributions, we offer training and support to researchers, allowing them to conduct experiments independently.

For experimental research approaches that are not currently available within the facility, we will expedite collaborations with external labs and assist as intermediate spokesperson, if required.


The electrophysiology expertise unit is currently a collaborative endeavour at our center, run by Keimpe Wierda.

Fluorescence micrograph of a glial microdot islands containing two reciprocally connected hippocampal neurons, a GABAergic (blue) and a glutamatergic (red) neuron. Both neurons were transduced with Synaptophysin-pHluorin (SypHy) at DIV 1, which allowed the identification of the number of active synapses and their distribution within the pair using train stimulations of either the glutamatergic neuron (red neuron, green spots) or the GABAergic neuron (blue neuron, white spots).