Light microscopy platform

To provide the infrastructure for a flourishing imaging and microscopy culture in our department, an imaging core was put into place. This initiative, the Light Microscopy and Imaging Network, provides an individual point of contact for the microscopy and imaging needs within the KU Leuven life sciences community.

One of the goals of LiMoNe is to foster collaborations and connect people to concatenate their expertise. Apart from this management role, LiMoNe has the ambition to proactively initiate projects and research lines. With this comes the service of training users, exploring new possibilities, providing tools for analysis and enabling the researchers in the department to conduct state of the art microscopy and imaging. Another unique aspect of LiMoNe is that it is a virtual and open-ended initiative grouping people from different backgrounds. As such, LiMoNe helps to accumulate and share knowledge within the Flemish life sciences community.

The equipment itself is housed in individual laboratories close to the researchers that use it the most. Use of the equipment however is organized centrally and a usage fee is charged. This covers maintenance contracts and usage of the devices ensuring the devices keep running.

Please also have a look at the website of our partners from the Cell Imaging Core (CIC) at KU Leuven.

LiMoNe, part of the Bio Imaging Core

High resolution, high quality Bio Imaging is expected to become increasingly important in frontline life science research. For this reason, the VIB Strategic Plan for 2012-2016 anticipants a major thrust over the coming years towards developing a state of the art imaging platform at VIB, with high end equipment and professional expertise.

This plan has been boosted by a generous grant of €3 M from the Flemish government to VIB, to develop CLEM: Correlative Light Electron Microscopy. The CLEM grant enabled VIB to start up an institutional Bio Imaging Core facility.

The Bio Imaging Core is a dual site facility with platforms in Ghent and Leuven and serves both academic and industrial life sciences community.

The leuven platform travels in time and studies very fast dynamic processes in single cells. The Ghent platform travels in space and studies complete three-dimensional information on whole tissue samples.

Please also have a look at the website of the Bio Imaging Core.

Learn more about the VIB Scientific Image Library

Scientists produce many more images than can be published, so VIB has established a repository of scientific images produced by VIB staff and scientists. Images will be collected and archived and used internally for VIB communications, public outreach activities and decorative placements in our departments. Additionally, images will be distributed through the Science Photo Library, the worlds leading scientific image collection, and could be used in editorials, textbooks, TV and films and even "artistic" uses such as CD covers!

Contributors to the image library will receive full credit (name and VIB departmental affiliation) each time an image is used. In addition there will be a yearly reception for contributors and prizes will be awarded (iPads, digital cameras) to the top images submitted that year.

Contact Chris Guérin ( and/or Saskia Lippens (

Coordinator of LiMoNe is Dr. Sebastian Munck

    •   Expert technologist
    •   VIB Center Brain & Disease Research
    •   VIB BioImaging Core Leuven
    •   KU Leuven, campus Gasthuisberg
    •   O&N4, room 07.405
    •   Herestraat 49, box 602, 3000 Leuven
    •   (+32) 016/33.04.60



Current staff members of the LM and EM core