Histopathology: Equipment

Available histopathology equipment:

  • Vibratomes
  • Microtomes
  • Brightfield microscope
  • Fume hood
  • Embedding station Excelsior and Histostar
  • Cryostat



All equipment can be booked via the online booking system. Pay attention to cancel your reservation in time if you will not use the equipment, so that other people can use it.

Please contact An Snellinx or Sulieman Minhas in case of any questions.


  • Leica VT1000S vibratome - €5/hr
  • The Microm HM360 automated microtome - €5/hr
  • Slide Scanner AxioScan.Z1 - 5/hr

Other pieces of equipment are at your disposal for free as long as you make a reservation.

Vibratomes (room 06.147)

The Unit is equipped with two identical Leica VT1000S vibratomes. This specific vibrating-blade microtome allows high-quality sectioning due to its linear selection option of both sectioning speed and sectioning frequency. The frequency is adjustable from 0-100 Hz and the sectioning speed can be adjusted from 0,025 to 2,5 mm/sec. The adjustable specimen retraction feature protects the specimen during the return stroke of the knife. The total vertical specimen stroke is 15 mm; sectioning range is 1-40 mm; and the sectioning thickness range is 1-999 µm.


Microtomes (room 06.147)

The Unit is equipped with two identical Microm HM360 microtomes. The Microm HM360 is a heavy-duty microtome for sectioning paraffin-embedded samples. Trimming thickness ranges from 5-500 µm. The section thickness range goes from 0,25-60 µm. The vertical specimen stroke is 64 mm, so large samples can be sectioned. One can cut single sections, or use different operation modes like interval, multi-sectioning or continuous sectioning. The microtome is equipped with a retraction feature to not harm the specimen during the return stroke of the knife.

Sectioning can be done dry, or with water. In this latter case the microtome can be connected to a water flow-based section transfer system (STS) that automatically transfer the sections in the floatation bath.

Motorized and manual sectioning is possible.

Guidelines on how to handle properly the Microm HM360 microtome are available here

Brightfield microscope (room 06.154)

The Leica DM2500 microscope is a manual upright microscope for taking pictures of brightfield sections. It is equipped with the following objectives: 2.5x N Plan (NA = 0.07), 5x PL S-Apo (NA = 0.15), 10x PL S-Apo (NA = 0.30), 20x PL S-Apo (NA = 0.50), 40x PL S-Apo (NA = 0.75 and a 63x PL Fluotar (NA = 1.25) OIL.

The DM2500 also has a motorized stage which allows to do automatic stitching of large specimens.

The computer connected to the microscope is equipped with the LAS (Leica Application Suite) software. A short manual on how to use the LAS software can be found here.

Contact person: Sebastian Munck

Fume hood (room 06.147)

Histology lab has a fume hood for H&E staining and deparafinisation. Please note that, except from EtOH and Xylene, the Histopathology Lab does not provide specific reagents for the stainings and each user is responsible for his or her reagents and solutions (e.g. hematoxylin and eosin).


Histostar embedding machine (room 06.147)

After processing tissue samples with the Thermo Scientific Excelsior processor, users can embed their specimens using the paraffin based embedding station present in the Histopathology Lab. This instrument is convenient and easy to work with. With the help of paraffin dispenser, paraffin can be tapped into properly sized molds where you can orient your tissue samples. The molds are then quickly cooled using the cold spot and further refrigerated to obtain paraffin blocks.

To preserve the integrity of the paraffin and the tissue sample it is important NOT TO CHANGE the standard working conditions set on the embedding station.