Pricing & booking


The pricing system serves to cover the costs of used chemicals, equipment maintenance contracts and to ensuring the devices keep running. For all items listed below, except for the trainings, the staff time fee (60€/hour) is excluded and should be added if EM-staff will operate instruments or will do sample preparations, etc. All listed fees are for acedemic users, for non-acedemic users, please contact the EM staff.

The total costs of a project vary, depending on the device, its utilization, the complexity of the project and how it is tailored to your experimental needs. If the cost of requested equipment is not listed on our website, please contact the EM staff for more information.

We regret that due to rising costs for materials and maintenance contracts, to keep our systems running and up-to-date, the pricing of EM services have been adjusted, effective January 2020.



Users will only be allowed to sign up for time slots via our departmental homepage.

You may consult the online schedule system and make your reservation via email to Pieter Baatsen. Users will not be allowed to give their scope time to other authorized users. If you cannot use your time you must cancel your reservation 24h before your scheduled time. If you fail to cancel by that time you will be charged for the time reserved.

The time slots you sign up for are to be used as scope time. If you need to prepare samples before getting on the scope, do it ahead of time. If you use your scope time to prepare samples, you will be charged for the full reserved time.

Please, schedule your time wisely. You will be charged for the full reserved time even if it is not fully utilized. It is impossible to keep track of slight schedule changes so billing is based on the data of the reservation list.