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geen vertaling beschikbaar Identical twins light the way for new genetic cause of arthritis


Identical twin toddlers who presented with severe arthritis helped scientists to identify the first gene mutation that can single-handedly cause a juvenile form of this inflammatory joint disease. By investigating the DNA of individual blood cells of both children and then modelling the genetic defect in a mouse model, the research team led by Adrian Liston (VIB-KU Leuven) was able to unravel the disease mechanism.

geen vertaling beschikbaar Key young talent at VIB


Claude Libert (VIB-UGent Center for Inflammation Research):  “Steven Timmermans is a bioinformatician in my lab. During his PhD, he has combined two key tasks: providing services to other people in the group (analyzing CHIPSeq, RNASeq and other complex datasets), and building a new research line under the guidance of Yvan Saeys and myself. He has constructed a searchable database (mousepost. be), which collects all key protein polymorphisms in all sequenced mouse strains. This groundbreaking database was recently promoted by Trends in Genetics. What I admire most in Steven is his flexibility in dealing with many different datasets and his perseverance in problem-solving. Bioinformatics expertise is crucial, but to see its daily impact on our projects is amazing. As a PhD student, Steven is first author of publications in PNAS, JCI Insight, Trends in Genetics, Mammalian Genome (twice) and shares first authorship on a PNAS paper.”