FWO project funding

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This year, five of our PIs were successful in obtaining FWO funding for their research project.

  • Lynette Lim's team obtained 542K to study the assembly and diversity of long-distance inhibitory neuronal circuits in the brain. 
  • The lab of Stein Aerts was awarded 635K to construct a gene regulatory fly cell atlas through single-cell multi-omics and deep learning.

  • Sandrine Da Cruz and her team receive 487K to analyze the role of the RNA-binding protein FUS - associated to ALS - in local, axonal translation
  • Matthew Holt's team was granted 645K for a collaborative project together with Lutgarde Arckens lab (KU Leuven) to study the contribution of astrocytes in experience-dependent cortical plasticity.

  • Lastly, the lab of Pierre Vanderhaeghen also obtained 540K to study human neuronal development in health and disease.

All projects will start on Jan 1st 2021 and will run for a period of 4 years.