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Expertise units

Our expertise units provide access to state-of-the-art services and equipment for all of our researchers, and at the same time they foster the development of new ideas and methodologies. These technology platforms are led by independent technology experts, and are either embedded in our department, or set up in collaboration with other VIB research centers and partners at KU Leuven.

Mouse expertise unit

Lutgarde Serneels

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Single-cell bioinformatics

Kristofer Davie

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Single cell & microfluidics

Suresh Poovathingal


User groups

Our user groups unite researchers - within and outside of our Center - that work with similar models or technology. By sharing expertise, know-how and resources, be it in joint meetings or online communication channels, we help each other move forward. Currently active user groups include:

  • fly club
  • tau user group
  • stem cell technology
  • bioinformatics and AI

Core facilities

Our Center is affiliated to the KU Leuven (the University of Leuven) and VIB, the flemish biotechnology institute. Both host top notch core facilities.