Two new group leaders appointed

Our research center continues to grow: Thomas Voets, a world-leading expert in TRP-channel research, and Lucía Chávez-Gutiérrez, specialized in gamma-secretase and the biochemistry of Alzheimer's, join us as new group leaders!

FWO grants for our researchers

Congratulations to all FWO grantees! Many people at our center were awarded a fellowship or had their fellowship renewed: FWO-PO Postdoctoral fellowships for Dan Dascenco, Emanuela Pasciuto & Ulrike Pech. FWO-ASP PhD fellowships for Jasper Janssens & Sien Van Daele, who will be working at the Aerts and Van Den Bosch labs, respectively. Ana Cascalho, Erika van Nieuwenhove, Dirk Vandekerkhove, Tijs Vandoorne & Yessica Wouters' FWO-SB PhD fellowships were renewed, as well as Robin Lemmens' clinical mandate. Many congratulations to everyone!

ALS fundraiser with Simon Mignolet

Simon Mignolet, goal keeper with the Red Devils, hosted a dinner to raise funds for ALS research. Of course Ludo Van Den Bosch and Philip Van Damme joined the party to raise awareness for the disease and much needed research. Looking sharp!