Going beyond the helpdesk. The extended offer of VIB core facilities


Whoever assumes that VIB core facilities only provide executive services is greatly mistaken. Today, their focus lies on helping biologists expand their knowledge and use state-of-the-art technologies. This kind of collaboration is the key to achieving scientific breakthroughs.

If you ask Saskia Lippens (VIB Bioimaging Core, Ghent), Sebastian Munck (VIB Bioimaging Core, Leuven), Alexander Botzki (VIB BioInformatics Core) and Gert Van Isterdael (VIB Flow Core, Ghent), the mission of the VIB core facilities is to provide technological support to the scientific community – in the broadest sense possible. We gave them the floor to elaborate on how this works in practice.

VIB team develops groundbreaking membrane analysis tool


To understand the complexity of cell membranes, scientists count on a panoply of technological tools that allow them to analyze microscopic images. A multidisciplinary team from VIB-KU Leuven has just added an important one to the list: ‘QuASIMoDOH’ is the first technique to study changes in these membranes that may be, for example, caused by cancer or neurodegenerative diseases. The method and its impact on the research community will be published in the upcoming issue of the leading scientific journal PLOS Computational Biology.