VIB scientists announce unexpected breakthrough in Alzheimer’s disease research


A research team led by professor Wim Annaert (VIB/KU Leuven) has presented new insights into the roles of different γ-secretases in the development of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). γ-secretases are enzymes that contribute to the production of amyloid peptides that in AD aggregate in abnormal clusters, so-called ‘amyloid plaques’. These build up between nerve cells and disrupt brain communication. Postdoctoral researcher Ragna Sannerud from the team of professor Annaert together with several collaborators have focused on the slight differences between two types of γ-secretase. This has now led to a breakthrough that might open up new opportunities in the search for an Alzheimer’s disease (AD) treatment. This unexpected discovery underlines the importance of continued basic research.