Adrian Liston Lab

Research focus

Adrian Liston is currently transitioning from VIB Group Leader to Senior Group Leader at the Babraham Institute in Campbridge, UK. He is currently finalizing his research at VIB-KU Leuven Center for Brain & Disease Research till 31/12/2022.

Adrian Liston's VIB lab has two major research divisions: discovery immunology and applied immunology.

  • Discovery Immunology focuses on unravelling more of the basic biology of the immune system, with an emphasis on regulatory T cells and the process of diabetes.
  • Applied Immunology focuses on the human immune system, containing our immune phenotyping platform and gene discovery program.

The Liston laboratory is based within Lymphocyte Signalling division of the Babraham Institute. We also have active teams based at the University of Leuven Department of Microbiology and Immunology and  here at the VIB Center for Brain and Disease Research.

The Babraham team is focussed on understanding the biology of regulatory T cells within the tissues. How they migrate there, what controls their numbers and their functions, both immunological and tissue homeostatic in nature. Our approach is to identify key unknowns and then design new genetic tools to answer them.

The Leuven team is working in close collaboration with Dr Susan Schlenner and Dr Stephanie Humblet-Baron, alumni from the laboratory who are now running independent teams. Our research in Leuven focuses in on systems immunology and neuroimmunology. The laboratory also manages two Core Facilities for the University of Leuven - the FACS Core and MutaMouse, a genome engineering facility.