Scientific support association

The Scientific Support Association (SSA) is run by and for technicians. Their goals include:

  • To stimulate the exchange of know-how between labs
  • To increase communication between the scientific support staff, including all lab managers and all lab technicians, and the rest of our research center

The SSA organizes monthly meetings about a technology topic to discuss the do's and don'ts and to exchange practical information about consumables, reagents or equipment to be used, including price and quality comparisons. At the end of each meeting, 5–10 minutes are reserved for “on the spot” troubleshooting. To put new ideas and initiatives into actions, small work groups are assembled.

They aim to be a positive influence on the research center and VIB by sharing ideas and solutions and by building bridges between the department and the staff.

Meeting time: the first Tuesday of every month at noon in room 07.339

For information and suggestions, please contact

The SSA organizing committee consists of Sabine Kuenen, Krist’l Vennekens, Katleen Craessaerts, Ann Geens, Sofie Vandenbogaerde and Eline Creemers.

Scientific support representatives across our different groups: