Research in times of Corona

Government Guidelines

The latest updates on COVID-19 from the federal department of public health can be consulted in English here.

University policy and guidelines on covid-19

This page offers the most recent information about the measures KU Leuven is taking to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, including an informative and regularly updated section with frequently asked questions.

Mental wellbeing

The measures to combat the COVID-19 virus put a mental strain on all of us. Taking good care of yourself is important.

Please check KU Leuven's resources on mental well-being during corona (login using your KU Leuven account), including:

  • how you can work from home more comfortably: tips and support for digital working, work-life balance, etc.
  • how to cope with stress and anxiety,
  • who you can contact when you have specific questions or concerns (see also this overview)

The Career Center offers tailored online coaching and support, including for international colleagues (login using your KU Leuven account).


Are you struggling to explain COVID-19 to your kids? Together with Tenmei, the team of Adrian Liston wrote a new kids book, suitable for 6-14-year old kids, to explain what Coronavirus is, how it makes us sick, and why we are in lockdown.