Post doc association

The VIB postdoc committee (PDC) represents all postdocs and staff scientists at VIB and organises networking and career development events.

Koenraad and Anna are our current chairs.

At the level of our department, we have a very engaged postdoc network as well, through our postdoc association, representing all postdocs at our center. Their aim is to foster a sense of community and to provide resources for career and personal development.

Koenraad Philippaert
Postdoc in the Voets Lab

Anna Muriana Martinez
Postdoc in the De Strooper Lab

postdoc representatives at CBD

These friendly faces are representing nearly one hundred postdocs and staff scientists across our center:

‘’Together we can be greater than the sum of our parts’’



What do we do?

  • Organization of lunches with invited speakers
  • Postdoc Café (monthly informal meetings)
  • Organization and Scheduling of the Tuesday Seminar series (AND Pizza!)
  • Social events for postdocs
  • Working with the VIB-wide Postdoc Community (PDC)

Our network

  • Interactions with other Postdoc Associations (Academia/Industry):
  • Postdoc Committee (PDC)
    • What's the difference between the PDA and PDC?
      The PDA operates at the level of the VIB-KU Leuven Center for Brain & Disease Research, at the Gasthuisberg campus in Leuven. The PDC is the VIB-wide committee of postdocs, with members from all different VIB research Centers in Leuven, Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels and Hasselt
  • Janssen and other industrial partners


Do you know a great scientist we should invite?

It can be an up-and coming PI or established name in your field.

Suggest them as invited speaker, we can help to rearrange the visit, organize the lunch, present the PI etc.