PhD students

There are almost 80 PhD students in the different labs at our department. All students are enrolled in the Biomedical doctoral school of KU Leuven and are able to take part in training and network opportunities provided by both VIB & KU Leuven. Each year, our center also organises a PhD symposium together with NERF, to give the PhD community in our departments a chance to present their work and network.

To find out more about current opportunities to do your PhD within our center, check the Careers page.



There are lots of training opportunties with VIB & KU Leuven. For an overview of the workshops and courses on offer, visit the VIB training and the Biomedical doctoral school websites.

VIBes in Biosciences 2017 - PhD symposium
27–29 September 2017, Antwerp

A conference organized by and for PhD students, which brings together young and ambitious scientists from all over the globe to enjoy a series of training workshops and a top-quality conference. Selected speakers are inspiring researchers from a range of different life sciences research fields.

CBD & NERF PhD symposium
12–13 October 2017, Leuven

Two days of science and networking for all PhD students at our department and at NERF. Scroll down for more information about this year's edition.

Leuven international doctoral school of biomedical sciences

The Leuven International Doctoral School Biomedical Sciences is a lively community counting over 1200 PhD students, more than 250 supervisors and a dedicated administrative staff. The doctoral school provides an integrated framework for PhD training and offers career perspectives for doctoral graduates in different sectors.

NERF-CBD PhD week & symposium

Each year in September, the VIB Center for Brain & Disease Research (formerly the VIB Center for Biology of Disease) and NERF join forces to organise a PhD week and PhD symposium. First-year students are introduced to each other and to the wide range of research projects at both departments. The last two days of the week, all other PhD students join in for a 2-day symposium, with both oral and poster presentations and plenty of opportunities to network. Workshops on career development and an international top speaker complete the program, which is carefully crafted by a rotating team of group leaders and senior PhD students. The 5th edition in 2016 was a great success!

Save the dates for the 2017 edition: Oct 12–13! This year's organising committee, Abril Escamilla Ayala (Annaert lab), Antina de Boer (Van Den Bosch lab), Joachim Morrens (Haesler lab, NERF) and Yu-Chun Wang (Verstreken lab), are putting together an exciting programme.  

Keynote speakers: Prof. Lex Bouter, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam & Prof. Silvio Rizzoli, University of Göttingen Medical Center



We are off to a good start in 2017: three newly graduated PhDs in January. Many congratulations to the fresh batch of doctors!

Dr. Simon Weinberger
16 January 2017

Dr. Hermien Acx
23 January 2017

Dr. Laura Paparelli
26 January 2017

Dr. Steven Boeynaems
4 May 2017

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