The Optimist

A survival guide for PHD Students

This guide helps PhD students navigate some of the challenges of early career researchers. The Optimist is brought to you by three multi-talented PhD students: Donya Pakravan, Joni Vanneste and Matthias Koch.

March 2021

How to combat misinformation? What was NERF director Sebastian Haesler's PhD like? What does a job as data scientist at Janssen look like?

Read about it in the latest optimist issue!

December 2020

  • How to practices healthy perfectionism, by Jean-luc Doumont
  • The story behind the switch lab PI duo, from Brussels to Cambridge and finally Leuven
  • What a career as medical writer might look like

September 2020

Read more about removing barriers in science, about Johan Swinnen's PhD and Tijs Vandoorne 's life after the PhD.

June 2020

  • Competition in Science
  • interviews with PI Lynette Lim and former postdoc Julie Nys
  • tips on improving your online visibility

March 2020

This issue of The Optimist is focused on mental health.

December 2019

In this edition, read all about:

  • Ego’s in science
  • PI interview with Sandrine Thuret
  • PhD interview with Damya Laoui

September 2019

Read the 2019 Sept edition online:

  • Supporting the next generation of science
  • PI interview with Ludo Van Den Bosch
  • PhD interview with Luk & Idoya from Somersault

June 2019

Read the 2019 June edition online:

  • Biased leadership?
  • PI interview with Joris de Wit
  • PhD interview with Jeroen Aerts

March 2019

  • Publication obsession?
  • PI interview with Adrian Liston
  • PhD survival tips, and much more!