New Building

Our >5000 m2 (>54,000 sq ft) research space is designed for collaboration and communication. The open research labs allow for the kinds of social interaction that promote interdisciplinary science and thought that are shaping the future of neuroscience. The space is light, modular and adapted for the latest technologies to be implemented and invented.

Our facilities will be expanded to become the beating heart of a vibrant Leuven neuroscience community: the Leuven Brain Institute. In 2021, our labs at the Center for Brain & Disease Research will be part of one of the most multidisciplinary and vibrant neuroscience institutes world-wide, bringing together a constellation of neuroscientists, from systems neuroscience and neurophysiology at KU Leuven and Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders (NERF) to clinical neurology at the university hospital and molecular mechanisms of disease at VIB. The space is located at the health sciences medical campus Leuven, connected to one of the largest and most active university hospitals in Europe.

The space provides world-class facilities, including a dedicated 500 m2 (5400 sq ft) bio-imaging center, state-of-the-art chimeric rodent SPOF animal facility, electrophysiology center, microfluidics fabrication in conjunction with the KU Leuven nanocenter clean room facility, computing nodes in conjunction with the Flemish super computer center, etc.

This unique constellation will encourage cross disciplinary science, and advance inquiries across fields and neuronal diseases, merging systems and clinic, molecular and computer science approaches. The building will facilitate us to tackle the most important challenges of the 21st century, the workings of the brain, and the triggers for disease and behavior.