Brain Prize lecture

In 2018 Alzheimer expert prof. Bart De Strooper was awarded the prestigious Brain Prize, together with three other scientists. To mark the occassion, prof. De Strooper will give a lecture about Alzheimer research and the search for a cure.

Everyone is welcome to attend this festive evening on Feb 12th at the Pieter De Somer aula in Leuven, which will also feature music by Trio Clé. The lecture is free to attend and will be in Dutch. You are also invited to register for the fundraiser reception afterwards.


Bart De Strooper will talk about recent progress in the field of Alzheimer's and why it is so difficult to find a cure. The lecture is free to attend, but you need to register.


The baroque ensemble Trio Clé will bring some musical interludes. The trio consists of Korneel Alsteens on oboe, Ann Van Hecke on cello and Dieter Van Handenhoven on harpsichord.


Those who wish can take part in the following 'fundraising' reception after the lecture. For this you must register separately via the same form as for the lecture. (The cost of the fundraising reception is not tax deductible.)